Solomon finished an interview with Mudd Academy

(HITT training personal Training Service)
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Positive Video/Audio Interviewing: Some businesses just need their voice to be heard. With elitesportscounseling we added the social sports chat page where professional athletes, fitness professionals, and business owners can be interviewed from Solomon Richberg and have there story be heard .

Each packages have a mandatory initial assessment before on-going sessions. (except video/audio interviewing) Click on the PayPal button

One time assessment package: The one time assessment package mainly focus on the athlete’s mental concerns with their performance. The assessment tool is designed specifically for the sport of their choice to help focus on their weaknesses and help them better athletes afterwards


Ongoing counseling/Mental coaching: This program focuses on the athlete’s on field issues and how to address the issues. Sometimes athletes get into a funk or athletic performance have seen a dramatic change. These services are made to help the athlete overcome those mental obstacles and to get back to their peak performance

Sports Life Coaching: Eventually the athlete will have to move on from the sport they love. Whether it is the high school level, collegiate, or professional level. The athlete have to learn to move on from it. Also, sometimes the athlete that is currently playing have off field issues that is hindering there performance on the field. Whether it is peer pressure, relationships, or new life transitions. Example would be first time professional athletes and do not know how to handle the financial change or the media pressure. Sports life coaching are essential on handling those issues