Solomon Richberg (Owner) of Elitesportscounseling: Solomon was an Offensive Guard at the University at Buffalo football team. He played with athletes such as James Starks and Khalil Mack who are currently in the NFL. Solomon graduated from the University at Buffalo with a Bachelors in Psychology. In 2014 he received his Masters degree in Social Work from Hunter College. Solomon is also a life coach specifically for athletes who are struggling accomplishing their goals outside their sport. Solomon is currently working with athletes from all over the country, helping them overcome obstacles and with life skills after the sport.


We are an online sports counseling practice that provides hands on counseling for athletes before, during, and after the game.

  • Mental Preparation: We provide mental preparation tools to help athletes reach their goals. Some of these goals include but are not limited to mental imagery, coping with anxiety before a game, depression, and study
  • Reducing Cognitive Distortions: We help athletes with focusing on the game and help prevent mental distractions. Help athletes tune out the crowd and focus on the game. Free throw shooting, focusing on the swing in baseball, focusing on the correct play
  • Sports Life Coaching: We help with athletes on decision making after the high school, college, and professional sports. Moving on from a sport is one of the hardest decisions in any athlete’s life and we are here to support the athlete on decisions after the sport and how to cope with the change
  • Positive Imagery: We feature a PodCast called Social Sports Chat which features the positive side of sports and show the passion of sports, fitness, and health professionals. These professionals have stories that shed light on the positive message of sports. Solomon Richberg interviews them and spreads the awareness of their positive attributes to the sport and in the fitness and wellness world.